There are twins

18. Déc 2015

„A long time ago I was given a diagnosis of polycystic ovaries and a chance of getting pregnant was very low. After a couple of years of unsuccessful trying to conceive we finally decided to address specialists. We both underwent many tests and my diagnosis was confirmed. As a first step we were offered insemination – introduction of sperm directly to the ovulating egg. The first attempt failed and I started to be afraid. We underwent the second procedure and I did my best not to think over it that much. After having been taken blood I was supposed to call for the results, but a nurse from the centre got ahead of me and she called first to tell me that everything was all right. It took me a while to understand what she was talking about.:) The first ultrasound revealed there were two fertilized eggs, but one of them was not developing well and another one had a strong heartbeat and was OK. I never experienced such happiness together with sorrow. In the 13th week of pregnancy I had an appointment with Dr Behúňová who examined me and said: “Have a look, there are twins.” The wave of emotions that swept over me was unbelievable. I was crying in happiness. Twins run in our family, but nobody expected I would be the lucky one. So after several months of relatively eventful pregnancy I can see my two beautiful babies – a girl and a boy – lying in front of me and “talking” to each other. 🙂 Today they are 4 and a half months old and I experience the best days and weeks ever of my life. I would like to thank all the team for their expertise and for the fact that they have changed our life. THANK YOU! ?

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