Thanks to them I am a mother

5. Jan 2016

Dear GYN-FIV family.:)
Our story started seven years ago when after a first-try successful IVF cycle we brought home from hospital our most precious treasure – daughter Bianka. At that time, we had been married for already seven years. But no baby was coming after the wedding, even a year or three after it. There occurred problems with cysts and we started to be hopeless. First, we were treated in Banská Bystrica. Then followed ovarian surgeries and many examinations which did not produce any expected results. Six years passed and my hope to become a mother… I no longer believed. I came to GYN-FIV being nearly 30 years old. A professional team of physicians, kind nurses and pleasant atmosphere. My warm thanks go to them and to God. Years of trying and bad luck turned into a miracle, thanks to them I am a mother. Now I am 35 and for seven years we have been living a story we dreamed of. Our daughter is a schoolgirl in grade 1. She reads her first sentences; she is very smart and makes the whole family happy. We have the best memories of GYN-FIV and we’ll be glad to meet on the GYN-FIV Family Day.:)

All those years of waiting were worth it and our life has changed out of all recognition. Silence to laughter and children’s chatter, songs and hugs. We wish all couples good luck and a lot of endurance.


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Grâce à GYN-FIV, nous sommes une famille