Our little warrior Wyatt

30. Oct 2018

Dear GYN-FIV team,

We would like to thank you for our little baby son who would not be with us without your help. After 4 years we were given our greatest gift from you! Last year in August after a failed IVF we wanted to give up, but my desire and faith did not let me do so. In November we tried again as we had some more frozen embryos. I don’t know if it was a miracle of yours, or ours, but today we hold it in our arms. He got the name which will never let us forget the way we had to go through. He is our little fighter, he is the power of war: Wyatt. Our special thanks go to Dr. Stenová, nurses and all the staff. You are awesome!
We wish you further success.
I hope we will be a positive example for couples who want to give up.

Thank you very much…

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