Best Christmas present

15. Avr 2016

Dear Gyn-fiv team,

we would like to thank you for fulfilling our greatest dream. Today, thanks to you and your help we can enjoy our treasure – our baby son Samko.:)
My pregnancy was far from being uneventful. In the first trimester – in the 5th week – I started bleeding and ended up in a hospital where I stayed for about a week. But our champion managed everything, and we coped with this situation. The second bleeding occurred in the 10th week, and again we handled it. In the second trimester, we got the results of screening tests which frightened us a little bit. The doctors suspected a risk of the cleft, but fortunately, a morphological ultrasound ruled out this suspicion. Well, in the third trimester, when it already seemed everything would run smoothly, I was again admitted to hospital. Following a check-up in the 33rd week it was clear our Samko wanted to come to the world. As a risk of premature birth was pretty high, I then stayed in the hospital for more three weeks. Christmas time was approaching so I was discharged from hospital on Dec 14 with knowing everything was all right and stable, and I was advised to relax and have bed rest. But our Samko was very restless and later that evening I went to the maternity ward as at home my waters had already broken. The first more intense contractions started at about 23:00 and our treasure saw the light of day as early as at 00:50. So the birth took place spontaneously and quite fast.:)
Although he was born a month earlier and was 2,680 g and 46 cm long, it was the most beautiful Christmas present ever we could get. After birth, it was found out our baby son suffered from pneumonia, but our champion was able to fight again and the prescribed treatment with antibiotics worked. On Dec 21, 2015, we were discharged from hospital, and we could experience the most beautiful Christmas we have ever had.:)
Today he is almost four months old and makes us all very happy. Even we managed to exchange a bottle teat used in hospital for the mother’s breast. Now he is 5,700g and 63 cm long.:)
So this was our story.:) Once again, many thanks to you all for a chance to become parents and we can now pass our love to our baby son.:)

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